SYSTED provides an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience related to the provision of care and services through lifespan, within an international context. This conference is open to everyone who wants to empower and improve the lives of others as well as their own.

Mongolian total population by age group

Statistics are used from Mongolian statistical information service.

Children and Young Adolescents
The Working-Age Population
The Elderly Population

Our Target Groups

  • Schools, Kindergarden and Daycare Centers

  • Residential and Healthcare Centers

  • The Universities and Colleges

  • The Ministries and Agencies

  • International and Local NGOs

  • Students and Professionals

  • The Community

  • The Elderly

  • Children and the Youth

Our Partnership

  • SYSTED - Systems and Empowerment Sciences for Lifespan Development

  • The State Education University of Mongolia

  • Kin On Nursing Home, Seattle, Washington, USA

  • Faculty of International Community Care and Life Span Development, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan

  • The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Mongolia

  • Canada Fund Mongolia

  • Asian Development Bank

  • World Bank

  • Norwegian Lutheran Mission of Mongolia

  • The Agency for Standardization And Metrology Human Right’s Commission of Mongolia

  • Social Welfare Agency

  • Child, Youth and Family Development Agency

  • The Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports

  • The Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor

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