Agenda: SYSTED 2023

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Thursday, Aug 17, 2023First day
08:30-09:00Doors open for participants
09:00-09:30Welcome ceremony, Mongolian traditional music art performance
09:30-10:00Opening speech
  • Prof. Tokie Anme, Ph.D. University of Tsukuba, Japan, Head of the SYSTED steering committee
  • Bayarsaikhan Baljinnuyam, Member of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia

Keynote Lecture

Empowerment: Irreplaceable core to enhance the world of possibilities

Speaker: Prof. Tokie Anme, Ph.D. University of Tsukuba, Japan

10:40-11:00Tea break /Interesting facts about Indonesia/
11:00-11:20Promoting community-based child-protection -child protection system in Mongolia

Speaker: Aruinchimeg Gombo, M.Ed. Family, Child and Youth Development Agency of the government of Mongolia

11:20-11:40Current situation of the children with disabilities in Mongolia

Speaker: Enkhbat Sanjhuyag, MSW, Head of the Development Center for Children with Disabilities Mongolia

11:40-12:00The role of social workers in building inclusive schools

Speaker: Ouyt-Erdene Namdaldagva, MSW, Department of Social Work, Mongolian National University of Education

12:00-12:20The Needs During Disaster for Child Raising Generation online

Speaker: Etsuko Tomisaki, Ph.D. Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

12:20-12:30Questions and answers
12:30-13:30Lunch time

Keynote Lecture

Aspects of suicidality and suicide prevention with older people in Germany online

Speaker: Uwe Sperling, Ph.D. University Medical Centre Mannheim, Germany, The SYSTED steering committee member

14:20-14:40Training for future professional practice: Students' descriptions of elderly people in need of social services online

Speaker: Camilla Seitl, Ph.D. Department of Social and Behavioural Studies, University West, Trollhättan, Sweden

14:40-14:50Questions and answers
14:50-15:10Tea break /Interesting facts about China/
15:10-15:30The effects of change of home-rearing environment on child development

Speaker: Zhu Zhu, MSN, Faculty of Preschool and Special Education, Kindergarten Teachers College, Xuzhou, China


Keynote Lecture

The importance of different social network ties to combat loneliness among old people in Sweden online

Speaker: Cecilia Henning Ph.D. Affiliated professor in Social Work, Jönköping University, Sweden, The SYSTED steering committee member


Keynote Lecture

Importance of International and Interdisciplinary Exchange of Ideas for Improving Housing and Care for Older People as well as Community Empowerment online

Speaker: Holger Stolarz, SYSTED Steering committee member and former Head of Department Housing for Older People at German Foundation for the Care of Older People, Cologne, Germany

16:10-16:30The effects of wood education and requirements of child care centers- Environment to improve the quality of child care practice online

Speaker: Emiko Tanaka, Ph.D. Musashino University, Tokyo Japan

16:30-16:50Questions and answers and first day debriefing
Friday, Aug 18, 2023Second day
08:30-09:00Door opens for participants and second day agenda introduction
09:00-09:20Philanthropy and the current state of civic space in Mongolia

Speaker: Saranchuluun Otgon, MPH, MA, School of Public Health, Mongolian national University of Medical Sciences, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

09:20-09:40The Relationship Between Subjective Well-being and Functional Decline among Japanese Older Adults: A Three-years Longitudinal Study

Speaker: Xiang Li, MPH, School of Comprehensive Human Science, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan

09:40-10:00Verification of changes in brain activity in healthy subjects through dialogue using a portable brain activity measurement device. (Near- Infrared Spectroscopy: NIRS) online

Speaker: Hiromi Arakawa. Ph.D. International University of Health and Welfare, School of Health Sciences, Ohtawara, Tochigi, Japan

10:00-10:20A comparative study of the child care environment among parents of children with or without disabilities

Speaker: Amarsanaa Gan-Yadam, Ph.D. Head of the PCCE, Mongolia, The SYSTED steering committee member

10:20-10:30Questions and answers
10:30-10:50Tea break /Interesting facts about America/
10:50-11:10KEJAR: Community Empowerment Program to Increase Indonesian Children’s Health Status online

Speaker: Yuri Nurdiantami, MPH, Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran

11:10-11:30The effectiveness of game-based education ‘I CAN DO’ to empowering children to do oral hygiene

Speaker: Hilda Meriyandah, MPH, STIKes Medistra, Indonesia

11:30-11:50Handwashing Practice among Mongolian Elementary Schoolchildren: A School-Based Cross-Sectional Survey

Speaker: Munguntuul Enkhbat, PhD. Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences

11:50-12:10The relationship between gender inequality and social equality in Mongolia/on case of the decision-making level/

Speaker: Tuguldur Yanjiv, Ph.D. Department of Social Science, Mongolian University of Science and Technology

12:10-12:20Questions and answers
12:20-13:20Lunch time

Keynote Lecture

Interagency collaboration in suicide prevention online

Speaker: Karl Ph.D. School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University, Sweden, The SYSTED steering committee member

13:50-14:10The situation of leaving care youth provokes foster care development in Mongolia

Speaker: Enkhtuya Sukhbaatar, MSW, MA, Freelance Researcher on Child Rights

14:10-14:30Mongolian Child Protection Systems during COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges in Response services to One-Stop Crisis Centers

Speaker: Chantsalsuren Mavag, MBA, National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

14:30-14:50Question answers and debriefing
14:50-15:10Closing the SYSTED 2023
  • Prof. Tokie Anme, Ph.D. University of Tsukuba, Japan, Head of the SYSTED steering committee
  • Amarsanaa Gan-Yadam, Ph.D. Head of the PCCE, Mongolia, members of the SYSTED steering committee

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